Pastor Ngang’a Reveals Why Kenyan Bishops and Pastors Aren’t Receiving His Calls Months After fake Benny Hinn Left Kenya

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism recently shared his thoughts on the chilly reception he’s been receiving from Kenyan bishops and pastors following Benny Hinn’s visit to Kenya. Hinn, a globally renowned evangelist, admitted to making false prophecies during his ministry, a confession that has sparked significant reactions within the Christian community.

In an open interview with Nairobi News, Pastor Ng’ang’a discussed Hinn’s apology and its broader implications for seasoned religious leaders.

“Benny Hinn is in his 70s and has been preaching for 50 years, so he may be missing some anointing. The anointing of God does not increase with age; it decreases so that it can be passed on to younger people. At his age, he should retire from certain church activities. Even though we’re the same age, he’s been preaching longer than I have. He should now be guiding others, advising them on the right path, sharing his experiences, and pointing out what to avoid,” Ng’ang’a commented.

Hinn’s visit to Kenya in March 2024 included a prominent healing event attended by key figures such as President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto. Ng’ang’a, who was also present, observed that Hinn had difficulty delivering his message effectively.

“When he was in the country, I noticed that he had a hard time delivering his message. Even the bishops who ministered that day stopped answering my calls. They were my friends, but now they no longer pick up the phone after I openly said that Benny Hinn was struggling. This is normal and is why Benny Hinn recently apologized and admitted that some of his statements were not from God,” Ng’ang’a explained.

When asked about his own plans for retirement to avoid similar pitfalls, Ng’ang’a stated, “I will not retire, but I will concentrate on blessing people. I will never prophesy for people after 50 years of preaching. Benny Hinn is a good man, but his age has caught up with him.”