Veteran Vitimbi Comedian Mogaka; where is he now?

Those who grew up in the 90s are likely familiar with the popular Kenyan TV program, Vitimbi. Aired on KBC, the only TV station in Kenya at the time, the show featured the comedic talents of Mzee Ojwang’ and Mama Kayai, who helped make the restrictive Moi era more bearable for viewers. The program was a hit for over 30 years, but ultimately came to an end when producers attempted to introduce a new cast, replacing Mzee Ojwang’ and Mama Kayai with younger actors.

One of the actors who rose to fame through Vitimbi was Julius Nyamberege Mogaka, also known as Francis Njenga. He played the husband of Nyasuguti, a loud and stubborn woman from Kisii, and the two have continued to work together in various gigs since the show’s end.

Mogaka has become one of the most in-demand emcees in Kenya, earning a significant income from emceeing weddings and corporate events. He has also been a radio host on Milele FM and has appeared in numerous commercials, such as Old Mutual’s insurance campaign and Safaricom’s adverts.

While we were unable to confirm the specific properties he owns, it is clear that Mogaka has been able to maintain a successful career in entertainment, with a salary of around kes150,000 per month during his time at Milele FM. He currently serves as the Brand Ambassador for Safaricom Tunukiwa and charges between kes150,000 to kes300,000 for his services, with the potential to earn up to kes1 million for a single commercial.