“Nilikuwa nakunywa pombe Naokotwa Kwa Floor ya Club”Pastor Size 8 on struggle with alcohol and fame

Renowned gospel singer Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, has openly discussed the challenges she faced with finances, fame, and health during the pinnacle of her career.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV, the mother of two opened up about the profound impact her success had on her personal life and relationships. Size 8 revealed that her career skyrocketed within three years, producing chart-topping hits that thrust her into the public spotlight. However, she soon discovered that material wealth came at a cost, and her newfound fame had its drawbacks.

Reflecting on this period, Size 8 admitted to experiencing depression and a realization that money did not guarantee everything. She lamented the loss of true love and peace, as people around her seemed more interested in her celebrity status than her true self. The singer acknowledged resorting to a specific brand of alcohol to cope with stress.

The emotional toll extended to her relationships, with jealousy infiltrating her circle and resulting in the loss of genuine friendships. Size 8 shared her struggles with alcohol consumption, often finding herself alone in clubs during the early morning hours. She acknowledged that without a change in her lifestyle, she might have spiraled into a dangerous path of addiction.

Size 8 questioned the authenticity of the admiration she received, pointing out the loneliness that accompanied her public image. Despite her success, she expressed doubts about her future in the gospel music industry and began exploring other ventures as a backup plan.

The singer’s journey took a darker turn as health challenges emerged, including migraines and high blood pressure. Size 8 disclosed the heartbreaking experience of losing two babies due to complications related to high blood pressure, prompting frequent medical attention between 2015 and 2023.

However, Size 8 has undergone a transformation, finding healing and a renewed perspective. She highlighted the importance of right thinking leading to right confession and emphasized her strong faith and love for God.

Size 8 shared that she had been saved even during her secular music career but admitted to temporarily losing her way, tempted by the perceived financial prospects of the secular world. Reflecting on her spiritual journey, she acknowledged the love for God and expressed gratitude for the positive changes in her life.