Kamba socialite Amber Ray Discloses She Has Been Divorced 3 Times

Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur Faith Makau, popularly known as Amber Ray, recently revealed that she has been through three divorces. In an interview with Betty Kyallo, Amber expressed her belief that love, not a marriage certificate, is what truly holds a relationship together.

Responding to a question about whether she plans to marry her current partner, Amber, a mother of two, emphasized the importance of love over formalities. “Two people should be together because of love and not because of papers or anything else. You know, I have been divorced three times. The experiences I’ve gone through in my life are beyond anything I could have imagined, but look at me now. All plans belong to God.”

Amber explained her decision to go public about her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, prompted by fans’ curiosity about their frequent appearances together.

“We met through a mutual friend, but we didn’t initially present ourselves to the public. It wasn’t planned. However, when we went on dates, people recognized me as single. Seeing me with a good-looking guy sparked questions, and we eventually had to acknowledge our relationship,” she said.

She also noted the difficulty of keeping a relationship private when one is a public figure, highlighting the challenges of maintaining privacy in the public eye.