Goons hack man at his home, shoot him dead in hospital: Lagos.


A man has been murdered in Ijesha area of Surulere in Nigeria.

The National Union of Road Transport leader, Kunle Ajibabe was killed by a 28-year-old who had first hacked him and followed him to the hospital while he was receiving treatment.

According to a report by Bounce News the assailant is said to have stabbed and shot the victim multiple times leading to his death.

According to the victims brother, Kehinde, his brother was rushed to the hospital where he met his untimely death.

It is said that Kunel had held a party when two rival gangs after drinking to a stupor started fighting.

“Also in Ijesha, there is a group known as the Ultimate, led by one Alaka.”

“During the fight, members of the Ultimate group supported My Son group.”

“Kunle and some people tried to settle the fight. But Alaka became annoyed and engaged in a shouting match with my brother.”

“One of Alaka’s boys, Jabi, even broke a bottle on my brother’s head, but we ensured that the matter was settled for peace to reign. The party ended and everyone went home,” Kehinde added.