The Inspiring Story of A Single Father Struggle to Raise His Young Tripplets Alone.

George Kuria, a single father who was facing the daunting task of raising his young triplets alone, captured the hearts of many people around the world when his story went viral in 2022. He was living in a mud-thatched house that was in a dilapidated state, with holes and a leaking roof. The fact that he was living in these conditions with his young triplets, who were still breastfeeding, made his story even more heart-wrenching.

Due to his wife’s back problems, George was forced to take on the role of both mother and father after she was hospitalized following the birth of their triplets. Things were extremely difficult for George as he was also jobless at the time, and the living conditions were unbearable. It is worth noting that one of the triplets passed away a few months after the story went viral.

However, when George’s story was aired on Afrimax English, it touched the hearts of Kenyans and people of goodwill around the world. They rallied to support him financially and built him a five-bedroom mansion, completely transforming his life. They also bought him a motorbike and ensured that George was able to raise his triplets in a more conducive environment.

Furthermore, Afrimax English surprised George with a generous sum of money, which he is deeply grateful for. He is thankful to everyone who came through for him during his time of need. The good news is that his wife is currently recovering from her back problems and is expected to return home soon.