Ruto Says He Is Ready For A Handshake With Uhuru.

Deputy President, William Ruto has said that he is more than ready to reconcile with President Uhuru Kenyatta after their fall-out.

Speaking on Thursday, September 16, Ruto said that he is ready to work with Uhuru adding that after they have reconciled, the bad blood between the two will end.

He acknowledged Catholic Bishops move to mediate talks saying that he is ready for a reunion.

I am ready without conditions any moment because we were elected by Kenyans together and they gave us the responsibilities of running the government for the stipulated time.

These Bishops have said that they want to reconcile me with the president.. I’m ready for a handshake with the president with no conditions because I respect him and he is my boss.

Ruto said.

The Bishops had earlier called on the president and his Deputy to reconcile saying that only the two can bring peace in the country by working together.