Shenzi Nyinyi, Kwani mlilazimisha: Kanyari tells off Kenyans who used to send him Sh 310 offerings

Controversial preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari has addressed the contentious ‘mbegu ya 310’ saga. Kanyari, recognized for his controversial methods, discussed the issue during a live session on TikTok, maintaining his innocence amidst allegations of deceiving congregants.

In the broadcast, Kanyari clarified that he never coerced or pressured anyone to send him money, despite the public uproar over his requests for offerings. He stressed that while he suggested the KSh 310 offering, individuals made the choice to send it of their own accord.

Directing his message to his followers, Kanyari expressed disappointment in those who voluntarily sent money despite being aware of the controversies surrounding his ministry. He questioned how individuals could consciously opt to participate in what they perceived as a “scam,” despite having the freedom to refrain from doing so.

“You cannot claim I became wealthy by requesting 310. I suggested 310, but did I compel anyone to send it? I simply mentioned it on TV, and there’s no one I held at gunpoint and demanded 310,” Kanyari defended his actions.

Moreover, Kanyari expressed bewilderment at the willingness of some individuals to send money without any coercion. He emphasized that no one had stolen from them and questioned the rationale behind their decision to comply with his requests.

“Who defrauded you? No one did,” Kanyari reiterated, underscoring his stance on the issue and rejecting accusations of fraudulent behavior.

In early January, Kanyari disclosed that his appeal for financial contributions through the Panda Mbegu Initiative from his followers stemmed from a desperate desire to escape poverty rather than the promise of miracles. Speaking at his Salvation Healing Ministry church in Nairobi, Kanyari openly admitted that his plea for Sh310 from his followers was not motivated by a pursuit of divine miracles but was instead a way for him to alleviate his financial difficulties.