How the Queen of Mugithi Nyoks Wa Kata Met her Husband Kata-''The Beautiful love story''
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How the Queen of Mugithi Nyoks Wa Kata Met her Husband Kata-”The Beautiful love story”

Nyoks wa Kata was brought up in Subukia together with other legends, such as, Sammy Muraya and the Great Salim family who are Reknown artists. After studying Media Arts, she joined Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation(KBC) where she had the advantage of working for twenty years being a radio Host at one of the vernacular station Coro FM.

She moved to Inooro redio where they have been hosting a show alongside with Jeff Kuria promptly in the wee hours of the morning called Hagaria. She is likewise previlaged to host Mugithi each Friday at both Inooro TV and radio, thus getting the name Queen of Mugithi.

Mr Kata then again was Working with Inooro radio with his close friend Mansaimo, their show continued drawing in more followers as their show included more on comic activities.

The two later moved to Kameme FM where they are as yet facilitating a similar program however in an alternate place.Kata is now a prominent radio host after his rise on the radio show.

The two met in an award giving ceremony in Nairobi, where the started up and moved on, though Kata is said to be having a temper but Nyoks is able to cool him and that’s why he makes a good hubby for her. Kata recently took dowry to Subukia where he was celebrated by the natives for having taken one of the finest lady in their village. We wish the well in their marriage life.