The Other Side Of Renowned Muguthi Artist Jose Gatutura That You Need To Know

The Other Side Of Renowned Muguthi Artist Jose Gatutura That You Need To Know

Jose was birth name is Joseph Kanyi Kigio. He is a well known Muguthi Artist and many refer him as Mashette the King. 

It is until this year that news broke of him and Nyambura Was Kabui are awaiting to be blessed with a child.

Nyambura Kabui is a journalist based in Inooro TV,who host a show together with Dj Smiles. She has been given a maternity Leave.

Gatutura comes from a family of musicians. His uncle is a singer while his father is a music composer.

He ventured into the music industry by first performing in night clubs within Nairobi. Back then he was doing covers of Kikuyu songs.

He released a number of songs including Machete, a song that earned him the name ‘Mashette the King’.

n 2018, he released four songs that featured Kareh B who is a former Tahidi High actress as well as a country music singer.

The two had a chemistry that kept fans glued to their songs and some even started wondering if they were dating.

Though he likes clubing and the like, one thing he does not do it taking alcohol.

In a YouTube interview, he said he believed he had what it took to become a pastor although he was not saved.

“ I am not saved but I know Christ is the Lord and I always see that I will one time become a pastor. But at the right time,” said the singer.

He believes in his ability to preach as he also does it through his music.

“I preach through my music, only that most people dont understand the message. There is time for everything and I will be a gospel artiste,” he added.

We wish him well as he awaits to become a father.

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