Murang’a Jailbreak Suspect Caught Drunk As A Skunk Next To Police Station.

A middle aged man who is said to have escaped from prison has been rearrested after he was busted dead drunk next to a police station.

David Kung’u Ndung’u a resident of Gikindu village, Murang’a County is said to have escaped from the Maragua Police station twice before he was rearrested.

The 20-years-old man is said to have clawed from his hideout hideout after getting news that his girlfriend had delivered a baby boy.

After receiving the news, he is said to have went onto a drinking spree in company of his two friends to celebrate the great news.

They held the celebrations at a banana plantation in Maragua town near the police station.

Due to the intoxication, the trio got disorderly hence attracting the attention of members of the public.

The suspect is said to have been heard shouting that he would continue stealing to support his baby.

The residents are said to have reported the disturbance promoting area police officers to jump into action.

Ndung’u had earlier been charged with robbery with violence before the jailbreak.