Florida 'USA' Judge Reverses Jury’s $2.75 Million Reward to Kenyan-American Doctor in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
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Florida ‘USA’ Judge Reverses Jury’s $2.75 Million Reward to Kenyan-American Doctor in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

A Florida judge has subdued a jury’s decision that granted Kenyan-born doctor Baiywo Rop $2.75 million in a racial discrimination suit.

Dr. Rop sought after his radiology residency at Florida Hospital, which is controlled by the state’s largest employer- Adventist Health System medical hospital. He graduated from medical school in 2012 and was acknowledged for a radiology residency the following year. During his third year in the program, Rop fell sick and was said to have severe pernicious anemia, and he says that his employer would not oblige his condition.

Further to this, Rop says his bosses falsely blamed him for sluggishness and smoking weed, through racial generalizations.

“Apparently, they made an assumption that I smoked weed, and I overheard an attending saying, ‘Oh, he needs to stop smoking weed,’” Rop said.

“So here am I, I am having a disease that could easily kill me—it’s a cheap disease to diagnose, it’s very cheap to treat—but it kills people.”

In 2017, Rop sued the Adventist Health System in the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Orange County, Florida. Following a weeklong preliminary a month ago, a jury on May 21st ruled in support of Rop after finding his termination from AdventHealth’s radiology residency program in 2017 was racially propelled.

However, on May 28th, Circuit Judge Kevin Weiss decided that Rop didn’t give sensible proof that his race played a part in his terminating from AdventHealth.

Judge Weiss expressed that AdventHealth gave “real, non-oppressive and non-retaliatory reasons” for excusing Rop from the program and that the candidate didn’t give adequate proof of racial segregation of AdventHealth.

Thus, Weiss decided that Rop won’t be granted the $2.75 million granted to him by the jury.

Rop’s lawyer Jerry Girley termed the decision as a “manifest justice” disregarding the verdict of the six-man jury.

“We believe that the court overstepped its bounds. My client is ready to continue his fight for justice and ask the community to join with him in his pursuit of justice,” he said in a statement.

Dr. Rop and his legal counselor have appealed against the decision, and want the verdict that the judge vacated reinstated.