Rekles Leaves GengeTone Group Ethic To Focus On Solo Career -

Rekles Leaves GengeTone Group Ethic To Focus On Solo Career

Rekles, a prominent figure in the Gengetone music scene, has officially parted ways with the Ethic group to embark on a solo career, as confirmed by the management through a statement shared on various social media platforms. This departure marks a pivotal moment for the group and holds significant implications for the global recognition of Gengetone music.

Ethic Entertainment, a pioneering quartet hailing from Kenya, has announced the departure of Rekles, a foundational member of their ensemble. This transition signals a momentous shift for the group that has not only redefined the Kenyan musical landscape but has also left an indelible mark on the international music arena. Beginning their journey in the humble surroundings of Umoja Estate, Ethic Entertainment emerged as a symbol of innovation, authenticity, and the realization of aspirations. Comprising Swat, Zilla, Seska, and Rekles, this collective introduced the world to the distinct genre of Gengtone, with their groundbreaking track “Lambalolo,” crafted using nothing more than a mobile phone.

Their musical odyssey transcended mere momentary success, leading to a string of hits that gave birth to the vibrant and unmistakable Kenyan sound recognized today as Gengetone. Their audacious approach not only solidified their position on global music charts but also served as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous budding artists.

Ethic Entertainment acknowledges Rekles as an artist who played an integral role in shaping the group’s evolution. The remaining members, namely Swat, Seska, and Zilla, have pledged to persist in creating music.

“Rekles, with his unparalleled ingenuity and unwavering dedication, has been a cornerstone in Ethic Entertainment’s ascent. His contributions to both the collective and the broader Kenyan music industry have been monumental, and their true extent is immeasurable. Ethic Entertainment, renowned for its inclusive and diverse approach, is poised to continue its journey and legacy, undeterred by this transition.”

Ethic Entertainment underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical expression, amplifying diverse voices, and establishing a timeless legacy even as they bid farewell to Rekles.

“As Ethic Entertainment bids adieu to Rekles, they convey their profound appreciation for his enduring impact on the group’s voyage. The music born from their collaboration will eternally resonate with enthusiasts, and the influence of Rekles will undoubtedly persist, illuminating and motivating aspiring artists and creatives for years to come.”