Gov’t to Move Flood victims out of schools ahead of Monday reopening – PS reveals

Interior PS Raymond Omollo has announced plans to relocate flood victims in Homa Bay county from schools, in preparation for the upcoming reopening on Monday.

The decision comes amidst the need to ensure that educational activities can resume smoothly, without disruption from the ongoing flooding situation in the region. Omollo emphasized the importance of creating a conducive learning environment by clearing the schools of temporary camps housing flood victims.

Following delays in the reopening schedule due to the adverse effects of flooding nationwide, schools are now set to commence the second term on Monday. Omollo highlighted the necessity of relocating at least one or two camps within Homa Bay county to alternative sites, thus facilitating the uninterrupted operation of school programs.

In urging residents residing in flood-prone areas to evacuate promptly, Omollo stressed the significance of preemptive measures to prevent avoidable loss of lives. His remarks were made during the National Tree Growing Day event held at Gembe Hills in Homa Bay, attended by various dignitaries including Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport Kipchumba Murkomen.

While emphasizing the importance of adhering to government directives to mitigate further casualties, Omollo reaffirmed the commitment of the authorities to support flood victims in Homa Bay county. He acknowledged ongoing efforts to provide essential supplies and assistance to affected individuals, aiding in their recovery and restoration of livelihoods.

Homa Bay county has been severely affected by flooding, necessitating swift action from the government to address the humanitarian crisis. Omollo commended the collaborative efforts of local authorities and agencies, including the donation of 50,000 tree seedlings towards reforestation initiatives at Gembe Hills.

Looking ahead, Omollo expressed optimism regarding future reforestation efforts, highlighting the coordinated approach between national and local government entities. He emphasized the readiness of national government administration officers to collaborate with forestry officials and local leaders to expedite the restoration of the region’s ecosystem.

Omollo envisioned a future where the reforested area would sustainably support the needs of the local community. Addressing Murkomen, he conveyed confidence in the long-term benefits of the reforestation endeavor, envisioning a time when the forest would yield valuable resources to enhance livelihoods in the region.