Stevo Simple Boy: Wanawake Wananipenda Sana, I Have 40 Girlfriends. -

Stevo Simple Boy: Wanawake Wananipenda Sana, I Have 40 Girlfriends.

Kenyan singer and controversial figure, Stevo Simple Boy, has opened up about his popularity among Kenyan women. Despite his reputation for frequently changing romantic partners, Stevo has chosen to reveal the true extent of his romantic involvements.

Over the course of two years, Stevo Simple Boy has been associated with over four different women. His interactions with ladies have garnered significant attention online, often sparking rumors and discussions about his relationships. He has even gone so far as to publicly introduce some of these women as his partners.

Recently, during the funeral of his father, Stevo Simple Boy introduced a woman named Grace as his wife, and even made the surprising announcement that she was expecting a child. However, as swiftly as that relationship began, Stevo’s focus shifted to Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, and he later declared Wanjih Kihii as his new girlfriend.

In a recent interview, Stevo Simple Boy decided to candidly share his perspective on his romantic experiences. He conveyed that contrary to common assumptions, he doesn’t actively pursue women; rather, it’s the women who express their affection for him and make advances. With a lighthearted tone, Stevo mentioned that he is currently involved with approximately 40 women. Although he presented this number with a hint of jest, it’s plausible that there’s an element of seriousness to it, given his penchant for swiftly changing partners. This practice seems to serve both his desire for attention and his romantic interests.

Since his separation from Pritty Vishy, Stevo Simple Boy has struggled to maintain a stable relationship. His quest for the perfect match has led him to remain in a constant state of flux, consistently entering and exiting relationships without finding a lasting connection.