Diamond Platnumz Announces Breakup With Zuchu, “From Today Ningependa Kuwatangazia Kuwa I’m Single.”

Tanzanian Bongo sensation, Diamond Platnumz, recently declared his single status, emphatically asserting that he is not currently involved in any romantic relationship. Taking to Instagram, the WCB CEO urged his fans and followers to refrain from associating him with any woman. He assured them that when he decides to embark on a new romantic journey, he will keep them informed, following his customary practice.

This revelation has taken many by surprise, especially considering the widespread belief that Diamond Platnumz was romantically involved with Tanzanian singer and Wasafi Records signee, Zuchu. Despite the absence of any public confirmation of their relationship, the pair has been frequently seen enjoying each other’s company and sharing kisses on stage.

The announcement coincided with recent comments from Diamond’s mother, Sandra, also known as Mama Dangote, who asserted that there was no romantic involvement between Diamond and Zuchu. According to her, Diamond is merely Zuchu’s boss, and such speculations about his romantic life have been common throughout his music career.

Notably, in February of the previous year, Diamond had previously declared his single status and encouraged potential suitors to try their luck with either him or Zuchu. He emphasized that anyone interested in pursuing a relationship with them should have a purposeful and meaningful life, as financial gain would not come easily from either of them.

Despite these proclamations, the dynamic between Diamond and Zuchu continued to exhibit signs of affection. At one point, Zuchu even admitted to feelings of jealousy, leading to an incident where she allegedly destroyed Diamond’s house after witnessing him kissing another lady. The intricacies of their relationship continue to capture the attention and curiosity of fans.