Remember EX-NTV Presenter Lolani Kalu? Here Is What Happened To Him After He Was Fired After Working For 18 Years For NTV

Lolani Kalu, a former journalist at NTV, has recently made a comeback on our television screens. Despite his popular “Malimwengu na Lolani” segment, he can now be seen on Citizen TV’s Sultana soap opera.

It is essential to be prepared for the possibility of losing your job at some point in your career. As we age, we must eventually retire and it is important to be financially ready for that time. In Kenya, most companies offer their employees the option to retire at the age of 55, with some larger companies like the Supreme Court allowing retirement at the age of 70. It is crucial for individuals to start saving for their retirement while they are still employed.

During your free time, it is wise to invest in small businesses and save money in a savings account for emergency situations. Lolani faced difficulties after being laid off from NTV Kenya, where he had worked for 18 years. It is important to understand that no job is completely secure as employers can make unexpected decisions such as leaving their employment or selling the business.

Employees should always plan ahead as they never know when they may be laid off. Unfortunately, many people have vanished or abandoned their families due to financial difficulties after losing their jobs. Companies do not always have the best interests of their employees in mind and may lay off individuals without hesitation. It is important to be prepared for the possibility of job loss and take steps to secure your financial future.