Uhuru Hints At Endorsing Raila Odinga For The Presidency Come 2022 General Elections.

It is now not an assumption that President Kenyatta prefers Raila as his successor to his Deputy, William Ruto.

On Wednesday, Uhuru almost made a public declaration that he has endorsed Raila while he was touring Kibera slums in Nairobi.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Twitter said that Kenyans should be ready for Uhuru to come out clean on who he prefers as the 5th President.

“Yesterday, whilst on development tour of Kibera, President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed Prime Minister Raila Odinga to be our 5th PORK. That he was going to endorse is obvious to anyone with average intelligence. Only imbeciles can’t see it. The climax of the endorsement is nigh,” he said in a tweet.

As clear as it is by now, the mountain through some of its most influential leaders have already declared their support for Raila on his presidency bid.

Raila on Tuesday met Mt Kenya tycoons for a luncheon in Nairobi who cleared expressed their support to the former Prime Minister.

Notably, according to sources at State House, Uhuru is said to have directed Mt Kenya Governors to hold events and invite Raila to give him exposure in the region.