Ndindi Nyoro reveals why you must spend money to make money, Gives Insights on entrepreneurship.

Apart from being a politician, Kiharu member of parliament Ndindi Nyoro is also an entrepreneur.

Nyoro is the founder and the boss of Investax Capital Ltd, Afrisec Telecoms and Sahara Capital.

In a sit down, he revealed the secrets of making more money in creating vast wealth.

Lending Money: His advice is to always lend out money but not compete with banks in offering friendly loans.

Saving: He says that as much as you want to spend your money, one should save it as an investment.

Joint ventures: He adds that in a joint venture venture, one should have a mandatory signature and the share must be distributed as agreed.

Investing: His advice is that one should do due diligence before investing and don’t run to get rich quick schemes.

Nyoro in parting shots adds that one should believe in themselves to achieve their wildest desires.