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“I love you, please come back babe”- Nyota Ndogo Cries On Live Radio After Mzungu Boyfriend Ghosted Her.

Musician Nyota Ndogo is in tears since April 1st after she pranked her Mzungu boyfriend with pregnancy on fools day.

Speaking to Jalang’o on Kiss FM, Nyota said that she was only trying to have fun with the boyfriend but he took it serious and switched off his phone on her adding that there is nothing else she might have done wrong apart from the prank.

“There is nothing else i have done wrong to my husband. I have tried to look back, but I don’t remember any other mistake I did before April fool’s day. I only pranked my husband on April 1, telling him I am pregnant. He said ‘Waaah!’ then hang up,”said Nyota Ndogo.

“He left Kenya in January 8 and was to come back in may. I think he was shocked because we had not been talking about pregnancy, and he hadn’t seen a baby bump during our video calls. He must have thought that I was impregnated by another man.”


“I have tried reaching him through his elder daughter whom we get along. She said that they talk with her father but once she mentions my name, he hangs up the phone. If we had quarrelled over another thing i would have let it go but not a prank.”

Asked whether she can go looking for him in Denmark, Ndogo said that it might turn challenging given by the current Covid-19 guidelines.

“I can go to Denmark even today, but on leaving Kenya, he encountered travel challenges because of the Coronavirus guidelines. He had to stay in Amsterdam for some time, what about me, who is not a Denmark Citizen?”

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