” Baba ya Nadia Mukami ni Mkali anataka 9 Million ” Arrow Bwoy Reveals Why he has Not Yet Paid Dowry.

The bond between Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy has deepened further since the arrival of their bundle of joy a few months ago. The presence of their child has strengthened their connection, prompting fans to question Arrow Bwoy about the delay in paying the dowry. Succumbing to the pressure, Arrow Bwoy has opened up about the reasons for the delay.

In an interview with Plugtv, Nadia Mukami expressed her anticipation for Arrow Bwoy to fulfill the traditional dowry payment, paving the way for their official union as husband and wife. Recalling their introduction, she initially thought Arrow Bwoy might hesitate to approach her father, known for his strict demeanor. However, Arrow Bwoy proved to be a man of courage, engaging in a conversation with her father and receiving a set of guidelines to follow for the marriage process.

On his part, Arrow Bwoy explained that he is currently in the planning stages of visiting Ukambani. The primary reason for the delayed dowry payment is the recent addition to their family, as they wish to wait for an appropriate time before commencing the formalities. Arrow Bwoy emphasized the importance of careful planning, stating that he aims to provide Nadia’s family with a dowry that truly reflects their appreciation.

Highlighting Nadia Mukami’s academic achievements as a degree holder and her bright persona, Arrow Bwoy stressed the significance of offering something substantial. He indicated that, in all likelihood, the dowry payment would be completed by the end of the year, with wedding plans subsequently falling into place.

Despite the ongoing preparations, the couple is enjoying a fulfilling life together and is poised to embark on significant performances across the country. Their tour is expected to kick off in Meru and extend to all 46 counties, promising a series of memorable shows for their fans.