Disappointed Customer Shares Dress She Ordered And What Her Tailor Made For Her (SEE Photos )

A woman who commissioned her tailor to create a black off-shoulder dress found herself deeply dissatisfied upon receiving the final product….CONTINUE READING

Originally, the customer had placed an order for a black off-the-shoulder mermaid gown. Regrettably, the tailor crafted an ensemble that deviated significantly from her specified design. Disheartened by the disparity between her expectations and the delivered dress, the disappointed customer took to social media to share comparative photos of the requested and actual garments.

In a related incident making waves on Twitter, a South African woman gained viral attention for showcasing the dress she envisioned and the one her tailor produced.

Sharing her experience on the micro-blogging platform, @mmmemani recounted instructing her fashion designer to replicate the dress depicted in a picture, for which she was charged 13,000 Rand (equivalent to approximately 323,000 Nigerian Naira).

To her dismay, the dress presented during the fitting was a far cry from what she had envisioned. The posted image revealed a stark contrast between the desired beautiful white lacy outfit and the ultimately dissatisfying dress, both in terms of fabric and style.

Expressing her disappointment, @mmmemani wrote,

“GUYS, YOU WON’T BELIEVE!!! I paid this woman 13k for this dress. I’m so hurt. What I asked for vs. What I got.”