Timmy Tdat: Shida Yangu Kubwa ni Madem Tu, saa hii ningekuwa mbali sana

Timmy Tdat, one of Kenya’s most celebrated musicians, has decided to share a major challenge he has been facing with the public. After a period of silence, he revealed this through his latest gospel song titled “Sijiwezi.”

The song is inspiring, as Timmy expresses gratitude to God for helping him achieve success and reach the level he is at today. He thanks God for his family and for keeping him happy despite the challenges he has faced.

In the song, Timmy Tdat confesses that one of his biggest challenges is women. He asks God to give him the strength and wisdom to successfully avoid them, saying “Shida yangu kubwa hukuwa magaldem, mungu nipee nguvu niweze kuwalenga.”

This confession comes after a viral story about Timmy Tdat’s downfall, which was allegedly caused by his relationships with women. Kenyans also stopped supporting him as they used to before, due to his involvement in several scandals, including a suggestive video with Rosa Ree and allegations of assault by some of his video vixens. These scandals involving women played a significant role in bringing Timmy Tdat down.

However, Timmy Tdat has been free from scandals for a while now, and with his latest song, it is evident that he has changed his behavior and is ready to drop more hit songs and entertain Kenyans.