See Photos of Sarafina Salim's Son Who Looks Like Mighty Salim

See Photos of Sarafina Salim’s Son Who Looks Like Mighty Salim.

Sarafina Salim is said to be contemplating on introducing her son, Wayne Salim to the music industry.

On a post she shared today, the singer introducing her son who looks exactly like the late Mighty Salim said that Wayne is the next big deal in the Kikuyu musician scene.

Mighty Salim passed away in January 24, 2022, after holding a memorial for his late brother, Salim Junior.He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003 and then later in 2018 with Kidney failure.

Meanwhile, Murang’a Artists Association has told the county government to go slow on the area DJ’s saying that they are facing unnecessary harassments by the county askaris.

Dan Kamau, their representative said that the askaris are forcing the DJ’s to part way with Ksh 1000 so as they can be allowed to operate in the county.

“We are tired of their oppressions, how can I pay 1000 and am being paid 1500 by my bosses. We will demonstrate if this continues,” he said.

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