Meet Morgue Billionaire Benjamin Kibiku of Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home

Operating a funeral home requires more than just courage; it necessitates a blend of compassion and resilience, particularly when faced with unwarranted skepticism and rumors. In the following narrative, we explore the journey of the person behind the establishment of Umash Funeral Home, a prominent funeral home in the nation.

The Saga of Mr. Njoroge Kamau, as Told by Us

The tale of Mr. Njoroge Kamau unfolds against the backdrop of his personal odyssey, commencing a few years prior to Kenya’s independence, nestled near Mount Kenya. Emerging from humble beginnings, Mr. Kamau’s early years were shaped by the care of a single parent grappling with unemployment, exacerbating their already challenging circumstances. His formal education concluded at Class 7 due to financial constraints, prompting him to delve into carpentry. This journey led him to a three-year tenure at the National Council of Kenya (NCCK) in Kangemi.

Following this, he enrolled at the Christian Industrial College in Pumwani, where he spent four years before charting a new course. Opting for entrepreneurship, he initiated a carpentry workshop, specializing in crafting furniture. However, his trajectory took an unexpected turn when he ventured into crafting caskets, a groundbreaking endeavor that earned him the distinction of becoming the first African to receive a license from the city council.

The Birth of Umash Funeral Home

In a candid interview on Citizen TV, Kamau recounted the challenges he faced upon venturing into casket production – losing friends and clients who harbored doubts about his aspirations. Kamau reminisced, “The decision almost cost me my business; I lost friends and clients. The coffins were pushing the furniture out of the workshop. Gaining acceptance from people requires time and effort. Before, I was only selling one or two caskets per week, and it took almost four years.”

Despite these obstacles, Kamau’s determination remained unwavering. He persevered, dedicating seven years to obtaining a license to establish a funeral service. In 1987, his vision materialized with the founding of Umash Funeral Home, aimed at reshaping the perception of the funeral sector. During that era, mortuaries were often viewed as grim places. Kamau’s innovative approach transformed Umash Funeral Home into a comforting space where people could find solace, even engaging in communal activities such as dining.

The Ascendancy of Umash Funeral Home

Today, Umash Funeral Home stands as one of the nation’s foremost funeral homes, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to offer dignified final respects to the departed. The facility accommodates over 100 bodies, features a dedicated chapel for family prayers, and includes an Executive Unit catering to VIP needs. With branches in Nairobi, near the Armed Forces Memorial along Mbagathi Way, and in Nakuru, along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, Umash Funeral Home has expanded its reach.

In an exclusive interview with Tony Sanya on the Movers and Shakers program aired on Citizen TV, Mr. Kamau unveiled his plans to further expand Umash Funeral Home to Mombasa and Kisumu in the near future. This vision epitomizes the enduring spirit of an individual who overcame adversity to establish a remarkable institution, forever altering the funeral services landscape within the nation.