Salome Chepkemoi: From Scoring D in KCSE to Owning Mega Successful Businesses in Eldoret Town

Education is often touted as the path to success and a bright future, but what happens when one struggles in school? Salome Chepkemoi is proof that success is not determined by academic achievement. Despite a less than stellar performance in her KCSE exams with a score of D, Salome has turned her life around.

At the age of 16, Salome faced rejection from her father after becoming pregnant. This event marked the beginning of a difficult period in her life, but Salome refused to let it define her future. Instead, she took control of her life and pursued her dreams.

Salome began working in a boutique where she learned essential business skills and saved enough money to start her own boutique in the estate. She then seized the opportunity to take over a company in Eldoret town, and with her hard work and determination, the business flourished. Salome now manages two successful boutiques and has even invested in chicken farming, providing wholesale eggs to the area.

Today, Salome is a proud home owner, drives two cars, and works tirelessly to operate her thriving enterprises. She serves as an inspiration that success is not determined by academic achievement, but rather by determination and hard work.