Woman Who Worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 Years Turns into a Beggar After Son Squandered KSh 1.4 Million

Immaculate Njeri’s narrative embodies sacrifice, betrayal, and steadfast resilience. For a decade, she dedicated herself to work in the Gulf, nurturing dreams of returning to Kenya to enjoy the rewards of her efforts alongside her cherished children.

Yet, her aspirations were shattered upon realizing that her years of hard work had yielded nothing tangible. In 2013, grappling with financial strains, Njeri faced the agonizing choice of leaving her two sons behind to seek opportunities in Dubai.

For two strenuous years, she labored there before relocating to Bahrain for an additional three, and subsequently to Qatar for another three. Reflecting on her journey on the Kenya Diaspora Media YouTube channel, Njeri recounted, “I returned briefly because my children needed quality education; I then went to Bahrain, where I worked for three years.”

Throughout her tenure abroad, she diligently remitted money to sustain her family, entrusting her eldest son, Raphael, with the management of their finances. Njeri’s commitment to her children knew no bounds. Despite being separated by vast distances, she ensured their well-being and education, diligently saving with the vision of a brighter future upon her eventual return.

However, her hopes were cruelly dashed when she uncovered Raphael’s betrayal. The son for whom she had sacrificed relentlessly had deceived her, clandestinely diverting her hard-earned earnings, leaving her destitute.

The realization that her aspirations of purchasing land and constructing a home had been thwarted left Njeri devastated. The betrayal exacted a toll on her emotional and financial stability, leaving her bereft of food and shelter, reliant on the benevolence of others for survival. The weight of her son’s actions burdened her, fostering feelings of despair and abandonment.

Yet, amidst formidable challenges, Njeri’s indomitable spirit endured. Drawing strength from her faith and the solidarity of her community, she refused to surrender to despondency. With the prospect of employment abroad, Njeri glimpses a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow.