Empire 007: Nakuru’s Visionary Classic Car Restorer Buying Old Cars at Ksh 35K, Sells Them for Millions later

In the heart of Nakuru County, there resides an individual whose profound ardor for classic automobiles has not only molded his personal identity but has also ushered in a profound transformation in his life.

Affectionately known as Empire 007, Prince Johnson has astutely metamorphosed his hobby into a thriving business endeavor, thereby exemplifying the potent confluence of unwavering dedication, unbridled passion, and a sharp entrepreneurial acumen.

Empire 007’s odyssey commenced at the tender age of 16, when he procured his maiden car for Ksh40,000 during his formative high school years. Little did he anticipate that this humble acquisition would kindle an enduring devotion to vintage cars. In the face of challenges arising from inadequate documentation and logistical hurdles, Johnson’s indomitable spirit impelled him to diligently pursue his affection for automobiles.

What truly distinguishes Johnson is his exceptional knack for uncovering hidden treasures amidst the forlorn and discarded vehicles. He traverses extensive distances, combing the nooks and crannies of the country in search of classic cars that have languished in decay for nearly two decades. With his discerning eye and unwavering commitment, he has breathed new life into over a hundred cars, restoring them to their former glory.

A pinnacle of his achievements was the reclamation of his most high-priced acquisition – a vehicle he acquired for Ksh700,000. Johnson invested around Ksh300,000 in its rejuvenation, and subsequently, he reaped the fruits of his labor by selling it for an impressive Ksh1.3 million, along with an added bonus of a Toyota Vitz.

His profound expertise and steadfast dedication have not only resulted in substantial financial gains but have also bestowed upon him the opportunity to showcase his rejuvenated vehicles in popular music videos across the nation.

In a recent venture, Johnson embarked upon an exciting project – a Ksh45,000 LG81. His mission? To metamorphose this long-forgotten classic into a formidable pickup truck. The LG81, originating from the year 1967, stands as a testament to his unyielding commitment to preserving the legacy of automobiles and breathing vitality into oft-overlooked vehicles.

For an immersive experience into his transformative journey, we invite you to witness Empire 007 in action in this captivating video. The video serves as a window into his unwavering dedication, profound expertise, and the intricate process through which he resurrects forgotten vehicles into splendid pieces of automotive art.