“Sisi Ni Mabeste Tu” Prof Hamo Reveals Jemutai Is His Friend And Baby Mama, Not His Wife

“Nilimwambia tukiendeelea hivi tutachoma. Wacha tukuwe tu mabeste tulee watoto,” Prof Hamo says.

In a surprising turn of events, Prof Hamo has attributed his past actions to the influence of the devil, taking responsibility for the strain in his relationship with Jemutai. Contrary to rumors, the two have decided to co-parent their children.

The relationship between Hamo and Jemutai began in 2015 when they first met at the Churchill Show. However, complications arose when Jemutai became pregnant with their first child, leading to a souring of their bond.

At that time, the comedian-turned-media personality made the difficult decision to end their relationship. Nevertheless, in 2019, they rekindled their connection, resulting in Jemutai becoming pregnant once again, only to be subsequently abandoned by Hamo.

Jemutai revealed that she turned down a lucrative KSh 5 million contract to protect Hamo’s reputation, as she was carrying their first child.

Beginning of May 2021, Jemutai’s situation worsened, and she resorted to social media to expose Hamo as an irresponsible father.

"She's Just A Woman I Am Raising Our Children With" Professor Hamo Denies Jemutai AGAIN! 

As a mother of two, she bravely shared her financial struggles, expressing her inability to cover rent and other expenses.

In response, Hamo requested a DNA test, which conclusively confirmed his paternity of the two children. This revelation prompted him to step up and take responsibility as their father.

Through their shared commitment to co-parenting, Hamo and Jemutai have chosen to put their differences aside and prioritize the well-being of their children.

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From sometimes around mid-May 2021 to late 2022, Hamo and Jemutai presented a united front, appearing as a harmonious couple.

However, in recent months, fans started noticing Hamo’s absence, sparking curiosity about their relationship.

During a live session on TikTok, Hamo addressed his current dynamic with Jemutai, highlighting her positive qualities.

“Saa hizi tunaishi vizuri kwa sababu nilirudi kwa Mungu. Nilimwambia, cheki, haki tukiendeelea hivi tutachoma. Wacha tukuwe tuu mabeste tulee watoto. Sahii sisi ni mabeshte tunaendelea fiti hatuna mashida!” Hamo reveals.

Prof Hamo and his second wife Jemutai
Prof Hamo and his second wife Jemutai

“Presently, we are doing well because I turned back to God. I realized that if we continued on the same path, we would face destruction. So, we decided to be best friends and raise our children together. Now, we are best friends, in a good place, and free from problems!”

“Ni msichana mzuri. Mungu anisamehe. Vile nimerudi kwa Mungu maisha imenyooka. Kila wiki tunaenda tunaharibika. Jemutai hakuchoma…Hii dunia kuna Mungu na kuna shetani!”

“Jemutai is a remarkable woman. I am grateful for God’s forgiveness. Since I recommitted to my faith, my life has straightened out. We used to indulge and go astray every week, but Jemutai never gave up on me… In this world, there is God and there is the devil,” he narrates.