“Sijakataa Boobs Zangu Zimelala” Mammito Defends Herself Against Her Breast Shamers

Comedian Mammito has recently voiced her frustration regarding the online critics who have been body shaming her. Through a series of videos, she boldly stood up against those who targeted her for her natural physique, particularly focusing on her saggy breasts.

In a recent incident, Mammito shared some behind-the-scenes footage from a photoshoot she participated in, which unfortunately triggered negative comments about her choice of clothing. However, Mammito promptly responded to these critics, asserting her autonomy over her own body.

Addressing the issue head-on, Mammito questioned the intentions behind the criticisms, stating, “Yes, I acknowledge that my breasts are saggy, but what purpose do you expect them to serve if they were to ‘wake up’? Why are you attempting to rouse them? Let them be.” She firmly shut down the naysayers, advocating for acceptance and respect for her body as it is.

Mammito went on to highlight the positive role her breasts have played in her life, particularly in combating depression and bringing happiness to others. She explained, “These breasts have been at the forefront of battling depression, bringing joy to people. When someone comes with stress, you ask them what’s wrong, maybe it’s taxes, hold on.” Mammito emphasized the importance of celebrating her breasts for the comfort and support they have provided.

Drawing a comparison, Mammito likened her breasts’ journey to that of someone supporting another for many years—they deserve a break after fulfilling their purpose. In conclusion, she humorously remarked, “So let them rest. Even our Jehovah rested on the seventh day,” reinforcing the idea that it’s natural and necessary for her breasts to take a break from scrutiny and criticism.