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” I Want to marry 1000 Wives” Man with 15 Wives and 107 Children Says.

A Kenyan man named David has become an online sensation due to his unconventional family structure, consisting of 15 wives and 107 children at the age of 60. In a recent interview with Afrimax English, David explained that his motivation for having such a large family is rooted in his belief that he possesses a considerable amount of wisdom. Citing the biblical figure King Solomon as his inspiration, David expressed his desire to expand his family even further, with a long-term goal of reaching 1000 wives, akin to Solomon.

One surprising aspect of David’s polygamous lifestyle is the harmonious relationship among his 15 wives. Despite societal norms and expectations, there have been no reported instances of conflict or discord among them. According to information from both neighbors and David himself, the wives coexist peacefully within the same household, demonstrating mutual love and support.

The children born into this expansive family are collectively cared for by all the wives, emphasizing a communal approach to parenting. David emphasized that his decision to have multiple wives and his contemplation of adding more stem from his perceived wisdom. He asserted that his intellectual acumen is such that having just one wife would not align with his innate wisdom. Ultimately, David envisions himself as a contemporary embodiment of King Solomon, aspiring to be recognized as a wise figure on a global scale.