“Wewe ni Chokoraa ,Oga kwanza, “Vera Sidika leaves Stivo Simple Boy in Tears

In the realm of social media, unexpected celebrity interactions often grab the spotlight. One noteworthy incident revolved around Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika, who reached out to the internet sensation Stevo Simple Boy via Instagram.

This narrative quickly became a trending topic just a day after Simple Boy shared the encounter.

Stevo Simple Boy, renowned for his distinctive style and personality, left his followers surprised when he divulged that Vera Sidika had sent him a direct message on Instagram. His decision not to respond led to speculations regarding the nature of their interaction, given their divergent personas and backgrounds.

Vera Sidika’s Explanation

Vera Sidika, a well-known socialite and influencer, offered clarification regarding the motives behind her message. She underscored that her message was devoid of romantic intentions; instead, it was directed at extending a job opportunity to Stevo Simple Boy. She recognized his talent and envisioned a potential collaboration.