Sick Ringtone Apoko SAYS Gospel Artists Want Him Dead

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has identified three fellow artists whom he claims harbor ill wishes towards him. Gospel music in Kenya, traditionally a source of spiritual inspiration and reflection, has recently taken on a chaotic and nonsensical character. This transformation is not surprising, given that the industry is not immune to controversies and conflicts.

In a recent Instagram post, Apoko stirred up a storm by accusing fellow gospel artists Guardian Angel, Moji, and Timeless Noel of having sinister intentions towards him. He boldly stated, “Dear Guardian Angel, Moji, Timeless Noel, you all desire my demise, but I’m sorry, I cannot be defeated – God’s power is greater.” This declaration ignited a heated controversy, with Apoko alleging that these three artists constitute a covert cartel that wields significant influence behind the scenes in the industry.

Apoko’s accusatory stance took many in the gospel music world by surprise, leaving them shocked and skeptical. Apoko is a well-known figure in the industry, although more for his controversial behavior and quest for attention than for his music or the source of his wealth.

His journey in the music industry has been characterized by a series of attention-grabbing stunts and controversies, which have generated both ardent supporters and vocal critics. Apoko is famous for his audacious and often unconventional methods of staying in the spotlight. Notably, he has a penchant for courting controversy, whether through provocative social media posts, sensational claims, or public disputes with fellow artists, consistently managing to capture the public’s undivided attention.