“Alinikula vibaya!” Shakilla accuses Eric Omondi of using her

Shakilla has accused the comedian, Eric Omondi, of exploiting her for free publicity to promote his performances. Specifically, she claims that during the filming of Omondi’s infamous Wife Material show in 2021, he refused to pay her and the other cast members. Despite her attempts to contact him, Shakilla has not received her compensation.

In an Instagram live video, Shakilla, who aspires to be a socialite, expressed her frustration, stating, “Eric has used me in so many ways. He did not pay me or anyone on the Wife Material show and showed bias and unfairness in choosing the winner. I had to find a clever way to benefit from the show.” She further mentioned that if she couldn’t obtain monetary value from the situation, at least she would gain social media presence.

Additionally, Shakilla called out Eric Omondi to uphold his claims of supporting local talent. She stated, “Eric uses people. You cannot claim you are supporting artists and not paying content creators.”

Eric Omondi has yet to respond to these allegations.

Furthermore, Shakilla shared her opinion on dating Kenyan men, expressing her preference for Nigerian men, whom she praised for their generosity. During an Instagram live session, she stated, “Nigerians are the sweetest people you can meet; they give you money and treat you well. I would never date a Kenyan guy. I am not Kenyan, so I have the right to make that choice.”

When asked about under what circumstances she would cheat on her partner, Shakilla responded, “I wouldn’t want to, so God help me.”

Reflecting on her past experiences, Shakilla admitted that trusting the wrong people was her biggest mistake. She regretted being kind to the wrong individuals, as it had cost her dearly.

In recent events, Shakilla exposed former radio presenter Andrew Kibe for allegedly sending her direct messages. In response to Kibe’s advances, she called him a “simp” despite his online persona. Screenshots of their conversation were shared, including Kibe inquiring about her innerwear. However, Kibe revealed his own evidence, indicating that Shakilla had responded to his message after a two-year gap, implying that she may not have been truthful. He also disclosed that she initiated the conversation.

After facing criticism online regarding whether she had deceived Kenyans, Shakilla addressed the situation on her Instagram stories. She stated, “I’m super allergic to broke men. Don’t expect me to respond without being paid. As a high-profile Instagrammer and the most talked-about person in Kenya, you have to pay me.” She further emphasized her preference to distance herself from financially struggling individuals due to the current circumstances in Kenya.