Finer Details On How Vera Sidika’s Husband Brown Mauzo Ended Up Being Akothee’s Toyboy And Why She Dumbed Him -

Finer Details On How Vera Sidika’s Husband Brown Mauzo Ended Up Being Akothee’s Toyboy And Why She Dumbed Him

Frederick Mtinda popularly known as Brown Mauzo dated Akothee for more than a year and when she dumped him he tried to end his life by drinking poison.

Neither Akothee or Brown Mauzo publicly admit that they once dated and lived together in Mombasa, despite all the evidence.

In March 2020 interview with the Standard, Brown Mauzo revealed how he met Akothee but didn’t mention anything about dating her.

The Mombasa based singer said he met Akothee while she was seeking to start a band and a recording label.

Brown Mauzo said he got very close with Akothee during the time and that he even wrote songs for her.

“Akothee tuliwork na yeye akiwa akitaka kuanzisha studio. Alianza kuanzisha band kwanza so akanichukua. Alipomaliza ile project ya band akataka pia studio so tukaanza pale kujuana zaidi tukaamua kuwa tunaweza work pamoja ndo nkaanza nyimbo za mwanzo kumuandikia vitu kama hizo(I worked with Akothee when she wanted to open a studio. She first started a band and she picked me. When she completed the band project she also wanted to open a studio and that’s when we got to know each other better. We decided to work together then I began writing songs for her)” said Brown Mauzo.

Well, Kenya Reports has established that Akothee and Brown Mauzo lived together as lovers in her house in Mombasa.

The duo was in a very intimate and romantic relationship for more than a year before calling it quits because of money issues.

Brown Mauzo wanted to impregnate Akothee as a security to their relationship because she was financing his lifestyle.

Akothee however wasn’t willing to be knocked up by a man she was feeding and such she opted to dump him when he insisted on having a child with her.

Brown Mauzo tried or rather threatened to commit suicide by drinking poison after Akothee dumped him, the move was aimed at blackmailing to rich singer into taking him back.

Even though both Brown Mauzo and Akothee have never publicly admitted that they dated, their relationship was not a secret in Mombasa.

The two used to pack on the PDA while gracing public events in Mombasa at the height of their romantic affair. See the photos below: