Why Wambui Wa Muturi Has Not Been at Peace For The Past Few Days

Wambui Wa Muturi on why she Has Not Been at Peace For Days now

Addressing Kamau Wa Kangethe and Ng’ang’a Njoroge during the praise and worship show on Inooro Fm, Wambui Wa Muturi expressed that she has not been at peace for couple of days because of the insecurity in Laikipia County.

She went on to express that she was talking as a matter of fact considering she comes from the County. Wambui Wa Muturi additionally referenced some of the difficulties that the residents face among them being; not being able to build permanent structures considering one might spend money to build a structure that might end up being destroyed.

Wambui Wa Muturi additionally expressed that it is a pity that they can not even rare chicken because of similar attacks every now and then. In contrast to many, Wambui Wa Muturi additionally expressed that it is even difficult to have visitors because of the same insecurity.

She,Wambui Wa Muturi requested the authorities to assist sort the issue considering the Laikipia County occupants are also taxpayers who merit protection from the government.

She additionally requested Kamau Wa Kangethe to assist with featuring something very similar on his separate shows. It is our hope that harmony will reign in Laikipia County.