Andrew Kibe: Why I Hate My Mum and Dad

Andrew Kibe, a well-known and controversial Kenyan celebrity and critic, has at last opened up about the underlying cause of his persistent bitterness towards women and the recurring failures in his relationships.

Addressing his audience via his YouTube channel, Kibe has chosen to respond to inquiries from women curious about the source of his emotional turmoil. It is no secret that Kibe has maintained a reputation for being highly critical of women and couples who portray idealized lives on social media.

This former radio presenter has attributed his acrimonious attitude and tumultuous relationships to his parents, both of whom significantly influenced his perception, particularly in regard to women. Kibe pointed out that his mother played a pivotal role in shaping his outlook, and he described her as malevolent and irrational, which fueled his animosity towards her. While he noted that he has since forgiven her, he acknowledged that certain actions of hers remain etched in his memory. Kibe confessed that his penchant for tumultuous relationships stems from his tendency to gravitate towards women who share characteristics with his mother.

In the context of his father, Kibe shared that he perceived him as feeble and incapable of protecting him from the erratic and malicious behavior of his mother. He characterized both of his parents as “puny,” contributing to his unapologetic criticism of people without concern for their feelings.

The content creator has emphasized that he has reconciled with his parents, despite his candid assessment of them, but he remains steadfast in acknowledging their role in the failure of his relationships, especially his mother. Kibe also acknowledged a psychological phenomenon where men often seek partners who resemble their mothers, as the first woman they love is typically their mother, which has perpetuated his pattern of choosing dramatic and tempestuous women, leading to frequent relationship breakdowns.