Fred Omondi Send Apologies To Oga Obinna After Allegedly Having S*x With His Wife.

Comedian Fred Omondi has sent his apologies to fellow comedian, Oga Obinna after Fred allegedly had sex with his wife.

Omondi stated that he made out with Obinna’s wife while the comedian was on a trip to Mombasa.

According to Obinna, he had left his wife in the care of his ‘good’ friend seeing that he would be traveling to Mombasa for business.

Defending himself from the almost impossible situation, Omondi said that on that night, he was super tired after a long day’s work and thought that Obinna’s wife was his (Omondi’s) girlfriend.

He added that he made love to her but later realized that she was actually Obinna’s wife.

Obinna said that he could have lived in the dark till death but his faithful wife was kind enough to confess her deeds with Omondi.

Whether this is just clout for fame or the truth, only time will tell seeing that Kenyan celebrities have now turned to chasing clout to remain relevant.