Lady Badly Beats Her Mother-In-Law To Restore Peace In Her Marriage.

shock-Girl Beats Mother-In-Law To Restore Peace In Her Marriage.

Mother-in-laws can at times be very cold to their son’s wives. In most cases, you will hear stories of ladies leaving their marriage all thanks to their Mother-in-laws’.

A South African lady has revealed that she Badly gave her Husband’s mum a beating and resolved the problem after years of taunts.

The lady identified as @TheeLadi shared a story of her cousin who had been taunted by the mother-in-law.

Due to her temperament, she resorted to boxing her mother-in-law.According to Ladi, her cousin’s mother-in-law had been attacking her constantly for marrying her son.

The woman would taunt her daughter-in-law for not bearing children and even went an extra mile to bring another woman for her son.

“My cousin is just one of those people who believe in an eye for an eye. It’s her personal dynamic and if you start with her you better prepare for the aftermath. For instance, a distant uncle tried to beat her once (think she was 9) for being “disrespectful” and she told my uncle gore, “katse e tlo hwa e te ngwapetše” which basically means, “let’s square up!”

So yeah she’s just always been like that. However, marriage had tamed her in a way. She has ALWAYS had problems with her mom in-law. Her father in-law would intervene here and there but it wouldn’t help much in the long run. She had never retaliated”