Man who tried to sell himself at Ksh5 Million arrested

Man who tried to sell himself at Ksh5 Million arrested

A man who was ready to sell himself at an auction to cheat poverty has been arrested by the Islamic police in Nigeria.

Aliyu Idris, a 26-year-old designer, was arrested by police in Kano State after his photographs were posted on social media platforms showing him with a banner indicating that he was selling himself at a price of Ksh5m.

Idris resides in Kano, where Sharia law is applied alongside Nigerian law.

A representative for the religious police Lawal Ibrahim Fagge said they arrested him for auctioning himself for sale, which is prohibited under Islamic law.

Lawal Ibrahim says that now Idris is in custody, and added that the young fellow was doing that because of poverty and ignorance.

Idris had strolled around the city last week with his banner around his neck, ready for auction

Residents photographed the young man, something that caused eyebrows and a stir on social networks.

In an interview with local reporters, he said that he was selling himself so as to escape poverty and was planning to give half of the money to his parents, and another amount to the person who organized the auction.