Huddah I can't date Kenyan men,'They are too stingy'
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Huddah-I can’t date Kenyan men,’They are too stingy’

Huddah claims that French speaking black guys treat a lady like a queen and that is her cup of tea.

Socialite huddah monroe says the reason she can’t date Kenyan guys is that they’re too stingy. In her insta stories, huddah stated she has dated men from nearly all races simply to experiment and she knows how it’s like to date a Kenyan.

“Even Chinese, Indian, lool. I know Asians for sure ain’t my cup of tea.

In black community, a Nigerian is headache, headache,not bad for enjoyment but not to settle unless you wanna die young okay. life about choices

Kenyan guys may be too stingy. I like spending cash. not my cup of tea.”

she claimed that French speaking black men deal with a girl like a queen and this is her cup of tea.

She further confirmed that she has never dated a white man in her life.

Huddah also reveals Rwandese guys are smooth and for her she is a bully so she will have control over them.
“I am like forever, I like my men how I like my coffee. Sometimes white, sometimes black.”

while asked on how she splits up bills with her partner, huddah said,

“I have never dated someone we have had to split bills with. But i buy my man gifts regularly.”