“Tuko njaa na tunamiss”- Murang’a County Sex Workers Ask Uhuru To PULL OUT Dusk To Dawn Curfew.

Murang’a County commercial sex workers are now calling on the government to do away with dusk to dawn curfew saying that they have lost customers as a result of the same.

The twilight girls lamented of poor working conditions set by the national government to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 which according to the Ministry of Health, is on the rise in Murang’a County.

Speaking to, one of the worker, Jane Wanja said that they have been left with no option but to trade during daytime so as to sort their pilling bills.

We have now been forced to do business during the day because we can’t just go home at 10pm. Right now, someone can only service 5 gents but before curfew we could sell to atleast 10-15 men,

Wanja said.

She added that they can not conduct normal business seeing that their families and friends will see them during the day and at times their kids spot them in compromising positions with the clients.

As much as we are trying to shield our kids from the stigma of being associated with a mum as a prostitute, we have no option but to act like we don’t care. The government should at least hear our pleas’ and push the curfew to at around 1am,

she added.

Her partners also expressed their concerns over the rise of joblessness in the area saying that their lively-hood has been hit the worst.

The sex workers are now calling on the Murang’a County government and the national government to work on ways that will see their hustler revamped.