Reggae Icon, Bunny Wailer To Be Laid To Rest This Weekend. -

Reggae Icon, Bunny Wailer To Be Laid To Rest This Weekend.

Reggae legend, Bunny Wailer will be buried this weekend on 18th June.This has been confirmed by his son, Asadenaki Livingston.

Giving the details, Asadenaki indicated that the burial will be held this coming weekend noting that the family is try as hard as possible to avoid breaching any of Jamaicas stringent Covid-19 protocols.

There has been confusion over Wailers estates since his death and Livingston has said that those causing the confusion are not members of the wailer family.

It’ll be a private funeral for family members. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, members of the public can still view the proceedings on ‘theofficialbunnywailer’ Facebook and IG platforms,”

he said.

“Since the passing of our father, Hon. Neville O’riley Livingston OM OJ a.k.a. Bunny Wailer, there have been numerous reports about alleged disputes on his estate and who could do what on his behalf. We, his children, have been working as a unit, to resolve all matters relating to our father’s estate,” he posted.

“Various other individuals, non-family members for the most, have tried to sabotage and manipulate the situation with misleading media reports. As an added insult, other outside relatives, none of whom have offered any support or condolences since our father’s passing, have been coming to our residence unannounced, taking photos and videos throughout our home.”

Bunny died at the age of 73 years on March 2. He had been admitted after suffering a stroke.