Prophet David Owuor Biography: Mightiest Prophets of the Lord

Prophet David Owuor is one of the mightiest prophets of the Lord. He is the founder of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, an organization dedicated to spreading the message of repentance and salvation to the world.

Born in Kenya in 1952, Prophet Owuor received a vision from God at a young age, calling him to be a messenger of the Lord. He began preaching the gospel at a local church, and his ministry quickly grew as he traveled throughout Africa and other parts of the world, sharing the message of hope and salvation.

Prophet Owuor is known for his powerful messages of repentance and the importance of living a holy life. He has received numerous visions and revelations from God, and has received the gift of prophecy, which he uses to guide and inspire people to turn to God and repent of their sins.

One of the most notable events in Prophet Owuor’s ministry was the revival that took place in Kenya in 2007. During this time, millions of people turned to God and repented of their sins, leading to an unprecedented outpouring of God’s grace and mercy. This revival spread throughout Africa and other parts of the world, with many people experiencing miraculous healings and conversions.

In addition to his ministry, Prophet Owuor is also an accomplished scientist, holding a Ph.D. in Environmental Science. He uses his knowledge and expertise to educate people about the importance of protecting the environment and living in harmony with nature.

Prophet David Owuor is truly one of the mightiest prophets of the Lord, and his ministry continues to spread the message of hope and salvation to people all over the world.