Shock As British Croc Expert Adam Britton Admits Sexually “TWA TWA” Abusing Dogs

A well-known British crocodile expert has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing dogs and killing them. According to Australian media, Adam Britton tortured and abused more than 42 canines before his arrest in April 2022.

After hearing the accounts of Northern Territory British crocodile expert Adam Robert Corden Britton, 51, who admitted to animal cruelty against canines and possessing child abuse material, an Australian judge was startled.

The Charles Darwin University professor would record himself performing the terrible actions and then post the videos on online forums under identities. Chief Justice Michael Grant stated that the act, which resulted in the deaths of 39 dogs, “could only be described as grotesque cruelty” and encouraged members of the public, security officers, and reporters to leave the courtroom before prosecutor Marty Aust read out the detailed accusations.

“These facts contain material that can only be described as grotesque and perverse acts of cruelty that is confronting and distressing and has the potential to cause nervous shock,”

prosecutor Marty Aust told the Guardian. Before being captured in April 2022, Adam, who began the atrocious behavior in 2014, tormented and sexually exploited over 42 canines. Britton was said to have a “sadistic sexual interest”

in animals, particularly dogs, according to the court. In addition to abusing his dogs, he obtained animals from unsuspecting pet owners in the Darwin area.

“He often built a rapport with the dog owners in negotiating taking custody of their animals, many of whom had to reluctantly give their pets away due to travel or work commitments,”

Mr Aust told the judge. Britton allegedly texted the dog’s owners to reassure them that their pet was “settling in well.” He will remain in detention and will appear in court in December for a punishment hearing.