It Has Been Hell, DJ Fatxo Speaks After Jeff Mwathi Murder Accusations

DJ Fatxo has described the experience of being linked to the murder of Jeff Mwathi as a nightmare. Despite social media outbursts, lawyer Wahome Thuku has been one of the individuals who have maintained that Fatxo did not commit the murder. Fatxo commented on Thuku’s Facebook post after their phone conversation and said that the ordeal has not been easy for his mother either.

Fatxo reiterated his innocence, stating that all allegations against him were lies. He also expressed his desire to meet Thuku soon and share his experience of being denied freedom of speech and movement for something he never did. According to Fatxo, the accusations have taken a toll on him and his family.

During the investigation into Mwathi’s death, the DCI visited the spot where Mwathi fell from when he met his death at DJ Fatxo’s residence. The investigations were completed after the last autopsy report on whether Jeff was sexually assaulted was released.

Lawyer Wahome Thuku, in a series of posts during the investigations, insisted that Fatxo was innocent and urged people to stop being emotional about the issue. He questioned whether people still believed that Fatxo bribed pathologists, detectives, ballistic experts, CCTV operators, and others involved in the investigation.