“Bill ikipita 500 ksh nakuacha uoshe Vyombo! pekee yako” Dem Wa FB tells Oga Obinna after taking him out on a lunch date

Kenyan content creator and comedian Dem Wa Facebook pleasantly surprised Oga Obinna by inviting him to lunch at a local Kibandaski. Dem Wa Facebook, radiating elegance on their outing, humorously mentioned that she dressed up because she intended to take care of the bill.

Expressing her confidence in covering the expenses, Dem Wa Facebook jokingly cautioned Oga Obinna to be mindful of his choices, emphasizing that if the bill exceeded 500 Ksh, he’d be responsible for footing it himself.

In jest, Dem Wa Facebook quipped, “Hapa sidhani bill inafika yenye natarajia. Ikienda sanaaa ikipita mia tano, my friend, nakuacha unaosha vyombo,” indicating her playful demeanor.

Despite the light-hearted banter, Dem Wa Facebook couldn’t help but express her disappointment with the restaurant choice, contrasting it with the ambiance of the places Oga Obinna usually frequented, which she humorously referred to as ‘high class’ due to their exorbitant prices for meager portions.

“Wewe unanipelekanga place nalipa rent yangu..hapa samaki inakuja kama inaogelea,” Dem Wa Facebook teased Obinna about his selection.

While it had been customary for Oga Obinna to treat Dem Wa Facebook, this time she decided to reciprocate the gesture and treat him instead.

Oga Obinna had previously explained his increased interaction with Dem Wa Facebook, stating his intentions to support and bring out the best in her. He emphasized that his motives were sincere and known to both their families and management teams.

“I have good intentions with Dem Wa Facebook; she knows it; her parents know it; my management knows; her management knows, period!!! However, you read, it is up to you,” Obinna reiterated his stance.