King Kalala: I’m not dating because I’ll cheat on you

The outspoken and unconventional King Kalala has openly discussed why she currently refrains from dating, attributing it to her inclination to be unfaithful in relationships.

“I’m not in a relationship right now, and the reason is quite straightforward: I would cheat on my partner. I’m not being dishonest about it,” she enthusiastically admitted.

At 22 years old, King Kalala, often likened to the controversial radio personality Andrew Kibe, acknowledges that she isn’t prepared for a committed relationship until she can overcome her cheating tendencies.

“I’d rather refrain from entering a relationship, getting someone emotionally involved, and then betraying their trust by saying ‘I love you’ while still engaging in infidelity,” Kalala explained.

These revelations emerged during King Kalala’s appearance on Azziad Nasenya’s YouTube show, ‘Shoe Game with Azziad.’ Known for her deep voice and provocative viewpoints on sexuality, relationships, and men and their financial status, Kalala is no stranger to stirring controversy.

“I am fully aware that everyone has their flaws, and mine is a weakness for cheating. Other people’s property… JESUS!” she exclaimed.

She went on to express her preference for casual flings over committed relationships, leaving Azziad taken aback.

Nonetheless, there is hope on the horizon. King Kalala, the online sensation, is open to the possibility of pursuing a faithful relationship in the future.

“When the right time comes, I am determined to learn the art of faithfulness,” she concluded.

King Kalala’s aspirations extend to becoming a radio show host. Could her dreams become a reality in the near future? Only time will tell.