Shakilla Celebrates Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo's Breakup, " This is the Happiest Day of My Life." -

Shakilla Celebrates Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo’s Breakup, ” This is the Happiest Day of My Life.”

Kenyan socialite Shakilla Tiffany is currently in a celebratory mood following the announcement of the separation between Brown Mauzo and fellow socialite and reality TV personality Vera Sidika.

Shakilla didn’t hold back her feelings on various social media platforms as she responded to news of the breakup. Expressing immense joy, she declared today as the happiest day of her life. Despite her elation, she offered Vera a word of caution, advising her to avoid returning to a lifestyle that might not be beneficial. Additionally, she placed blame on Vera Sidika for the relationship’s end.

“This moment marks the pinnacle of my happiness. The underlying issue has always been your presence, to the extent that even someone with minimal sophistication chose to part ways with you. I am uncertain of the path you intend to pursue, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t lead back to mine.”

Shakilla also issued a warning to Vera, advising her not to pursue publicity by releasing a new song unless she secures a new producer.

Tensions between the two socialites have escalated over the past several days. The dispute began when Shakilla offered counsel to Vera, suggesting that she step away from certain aspects of her current lifestyle due to her advanced age.

While asserting her age of 20 in contrast to Vera’s 33 years and motherhood, Shakilla suggested Vera focus on the welfare of her children, citing the presence of particular trends that might not be suitable for her stage in life.

Vera, a mother of two, didn’t take these remarks lightly and responded by asserting that Shakilla had developed an unhealthy preoccupation with her. She further insinuated that Shakilla’s financial situation was precarious, rendering her unable to uphold her lavish lifestyle.

The exchange of words persisted, culminating in Shakilla’s statement that Vera Sidika boasts about her wealth, even though she entered into a marriage with an individual of limited financial means who presented her with an imitation diamond ring.