Inooro TV News Anchor Njoroge Wa Githinji: I Was Fired While My Wife Was Four Months Pregnant -

Inooro TV News Anchor Njoroge Wa Githinji: I Was Fired While My Wife Was Four Months Pregnant

Life’s voyage often takes a tumultuous course, replete with unforeseen twists and turns that put our resilience and resolve to the test. Njoroge wa Githinji, the charismatic morning show host on Inooro TV, is intimately acquainted with this reality.

His tale commenced with a substantial setback: the loss of his position at Mediamax when his wife was four months pregnant. Prior to this, Njoroge had been employed at K24 for eight months, until he received his termination notice in 2013.

Clarifying the situation in a prior interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV, he recounted, “It’s important to set the record straight that I was let go. On that day, I had a sense of the inevitable due to my connections. I knew that the next day, I would be counted among those being let go.”

The aftermath of losing his job left him grappling with uncertainty. “I sat at Fig Tree in Ngara, pondering what my next move should be. I was contemplating the path that lay ahead of me,” he admitted candidly. The emotional toll was significant – he found himself questioning existence and harboring resentment towards others’ happiness.

Yet, Njoroge’s expedition was far from concluded. Encouraged by his wife, he embraced the challenge and embarked on a new trajectory. Armed with a Diploma in Public Relations, he made the decision to return to academia, enrolling in a journalism degree program at the Kenya Methodist University. Concurrently, he took up work at a quarry to support his expanding family.

But fate had more in store. On the very day his wife gave birth, he received a call for an interview with Mwanaspoti at QTV. This twist of fate marked a pivotal juncture. “I secured the job and had the opportunity to co-host alongside Joshua Makori. However, the contract concluded later that year in December,” he recounted.

Harnessing the momentum, he briefly engaged in sports-related roles at Ebru TV while pursuing part-time studies. Sports proved to be his forte, and his talents didn’t escape notice.

A friend alerted him to an opening at Inooro TV. Although he sought a position as a sports editor, he was offered the role of a TV host for an all-new show – Inooro TV Breakfast. The transition was not without its hurdles. Njoroge faced criticism from online detractors who doubted his suitability for the role.

Undaunted, he channeled his energy into authenticity and cultivating his unique identity. With time, his endeavors bore fruit, and he commemorated six years with the station, marking a remarkable odyssey from uncertainty to triumph. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Njoroge augmented his skills by pursuing a master’s degree in digital journalism.